October 12, 2007


Big day out, I went to the bank, and came home. I know can you believe it?! While out, much to my dismay, while waiting for the tube to come barreling down the pipe for me to fill with my deposit. I looked in the car next to me and say a woman practically eating her fingers. I tried hard but couldn't look away. She was eating something that came out of a bag and didn't want to miss one single crumb. You know how I feel about this finger licking thing. Gross! And I couldn't stop looking at it. It was like a car crash that you can't peel your eyes off of. I didn't even care if she saw me. However, I believe she was in barbecue heaven so we never made eye contact. First here is her website Skwigg's World And a direct link to her blog This is a must read folks, Tons of articles on fitness, ideas for food, snacks workouts etc. I highly recommend it. I think I am going to do my trainers cleanse diet:

Day #1 - Eat 6 meals of a soft protein with a soft complex carb and cooked veggies. You should be eating white fish, eggs, yogurt or cottage cheese and protein powder (whey). For complex carbs its oats, brown rice or cooked sweet potato. Cooked veggies are green beans, broc., squash, sprouts etc. Eat till slightly full, get all 6 meals in but no complex carbs for meals 5 & 6.

Day #2 - Same as above, but only eggs or whey for protein.

Day #3 - As much fresh fruit and RAW veggies as you can eat. 6-7 whey shakes each day spaced out.

Day #4 - Get the blender out. Have 6 shakes consisting of blended raw fruit, veggies and whey protein.

Day #5 - Same as day 4.

Day #6 - Same as day 3.

Day #7 - Same as day 2.

No supplement other then a colon cleanser, fiber and the whey protein. NO ALTERATIONS AND DO NOT MISS A DAY OR MEAL!

I am planning this on Monday of next week. Give me something to do while I wait around for surgery. I am also thinking about doing a "Day in the life" post. I remember seeing a blog that people take photos of each thing they do in one single day. Mine, will be fascinating. LOL

But then again should I do this cleanse? I might wind up looking like this:

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