September 5, 2013

2013 NPC Maryland State/East Coast Classic

Funny, you'd think after I actually won my show and the overall I'd actually update this journal since that was a huge part of my journey! So I guess better late than ever. The ironic thing, I hated, HATED my pictures from my first show. Then this show I wanted pictures and the photographer was awful! I was smiling on stage but he took no pictures like that, none of me with my class win and only one with the overall. crazy! See below:

Here are a few pictures friends and family and afew photographers from the audience took from that day.


Waiting backstage for the night show

Right before second coat of tan

Post Cheesecake...

I'd also like to say I am thrilled that my coach Colette Nelson
added me to her client page. There should be an updated testimonial and pictures within the next week or so too. She currently just has my before and after. 

Offseason Begins
Now where am I today?Well I am up more than I want to be, to put it in perspective I am still a size 6 but I was a 2 on stage and 6 is my max pants size. So I am going to lose about 10 that will keep me closer to stage weight then work on building and have an even better package for next year. And I'll start to keep this updated again!

June 17, 2013

No turning back

I'm in, I've committed and there is no turning back. I did my best, is there room to improve? Yes, do I know my trouble areas? Yes, but that being said, I am excited to do it. I'll annonce the what, when, where after it's done... Still keeping a low profile. But here is a good side by side of my past and current!

Picture on the left was in 2000...

May 3, 2013

Life's Simple Measures: Recipes

Life's Simple Measures: Recipes: Bars 7-Layer Magic Bars Banana Bread Bars with Brown Butter Frosting Big Fat 'n' Fudgy Shoebox Brownies Blueberry Cheesecake Ba...

this is an awesome site!

March 12, 2013

changes will happen

I'm impatient, I want 10 lbs gone the first week, I know that is not how things happen but it would be nice. I have to remember the picture above because that is very true.

March 4, 2013

xxx weeks out

I am xxx weeks out now and feeling good so far. Before I know it I'll be enjoying doubles. I am currently loving the Striiv app and pedometer. It counts your steps and estimates calories etc but it's really fun to use and challenge myself daily.
It has challenges throughout the day and since I am competitive I pretty much always say yes. You can compete just against yourself or add friends. I am quite interested to see how many steps I take when I am doing the doubles. Since they say 10,000 is optimal. Yesterday I actually hit 15446 and that was with a little over an hour of cardio and just cleaning and prepping food for the week.

February 1, 2013

Ready Set Go...

Monday I am starting to get much more regimented with my diet, and training. I'll be checking in with her on a regular basis and I can say I am very very excited. I am ready to accomplish the best me possible this year. Shows not my focus now, just the body I want is. The shows will come just not publicly declaring  which ones anymore. 

Below is me at my heaviest, then me at my best last year... 2013 is the best to come. 

January 22, 2013

I see the error in my ways...

Reposting these pics again because this is about the time I looked in the mirror and said I won't make it. I can't allow doubt and negativity in my head anymore, from myself or anyone else. I see so clearly now, I could have made it easily but let stress get to me. 

Also I believe with social media such a big part of everyones lives, I need to add a little more privacy back into my life, whether it be goals or whatever. Just hold some close to me and my inner circle that shall remain small