October 11, 2007

What is a figure competitor?

I've received many emails asking me exactly what this is. People assume it's everything from this to that. Well it's neither my friend. A natural figure competitor (drug free) looks like this:

Are you assuming she is 20 with no children? Guess again. A good friend of mine who is in her 30's already had two children at this point, with no surgery afterwards. Her name is Blythe Alberg.

Still think a figure competitor is too muscular, here's more....

Now to say you don't want to look like this. Is a lie... LOL This is how she looks everyday walking down the street. Not a she-man. Like an above average physique correct?

Now here is the same exact person. Dieted down 10 lbs or so, with Dream Tan on and flexing her ass off. So here you have it. Does Jelena Abbou look like this picture all year round? NO, but she does look like the one above it. So when people ask me in disgust why I would want to be a figure competitor. I laugh to myself and think why wouldn't I?!
*Jelena is a client of my trainer as well on Team Sully. I work with Sully through email and phone calls only.

Photo of woman bodybuilding CC strangesports.com
Photos of Jelena cc jelenafit.com and snapshot.com
Photo of iceskater... not sure
Photo of Blythe Alberg cc ocbbodybuilding.com


  1. That second one? I am being completely truthful when I say I have absolutely no desire to look like that. Of course, I'm a man, so that isn't really surprising! But yes...your point is well made.

  2. LOL - yes it's not the look I am going for either.

  3. i don't know how i got here, but since i'm here i guess i'll comment.

    yes, your friend is pretty. i've always known that fitness competitors look better than average when they get out of bad. what i really don't like about the sport though is the fake boobs. wtf? you get down to less bodyfat than most men have, you lose most of your boobs. that's the way it is. it's just so unnatural looking. the muscles are great, boobs that look glued on are not.

    dawnn, you, however are gorgeous as is.