October 15, 2007

almost there

I also made szechuan cucumber salad today. My favorite restaurant that makes this went out of business so I am working hard trying to replicate the exact recipe. It's not easy!

I used:
kirby cycumber, fresh ginger, fresh garlic, red peppers, allspice, anise stars, hot pepper oil, rice vinegar. kosher salt, cracked pepper.

I do not have my camera so I had to use my treo to take this picture...Surgery is scheduled for November 1. It will be a pretty difficult recovery but certainly tolerable. I am not allowed in a car for 4 weeks after it and not allowed to do anything during those 4 weeks at all. I may have the possibility of getting my computer at home so that I can work from home after that time. I would love to get my life back as soon as possible.

I dropped my lap top several nights ago. Now my monitor is turning white pixel by pixel. In a panic ( which is always a great way to deal with problems) I purchased a new one. I won't have it until late October so I hope this one holds on for dear life until then. Going online is pretty much my only cure of boredom here at home.

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