August 2, 2008

Cervical Vertigo

I made some updates to the blog visually, hopefully you will like them.

The past few days I've been dealing with cervical vertigo. I guess I am always going to have some sort of issue whether it be lower back, cervical (neck) or nerve issues on and off. Sucks but I am still learning my body and I must have done something to irritate my neck since it's really painful and dealing with vertigo right now. So I missed the gym the last few days. I am going to go tomorrow though I'll just do the best I can at this point.

Received a new training plan from Sully this weekend. This way I can switch off between Kareem and Sully and have some variety. It involves heavy weight low reps and ending with supersets. We'll see how that goes tomorrow and what I can do. It just seems as soon as I start to feel normal again something reminds me I am not physically the same as I was a short time ago.

That being said, although I am around 15 lbs above the photo I am getting close to this again which makes me happy, so I am posting the lower body shot here...

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