July 24, 2008

Promax Double Fudge Brownie Review

Eating BFL allows me the opportunity to try out some bars unlike a strict contest plan so I am going to start reviewing some products here:

Promax Double Fudge Brownie .69 oz

1 being sawdust - 5 being I think I am eating a Milky Way

Taste 3.5
Texture 3.5
Sweetness 3.5
Overall 3.5
Buy again Yes

Although small in size also small in calories with macros of 70 calories 1.5 fat, 9 carbs and 5 protein not too shabby. Now it does have6 grams of sugar which is a t-spoon and a half. But much better than other snacks. Not contest approved but fine for off-season or general weight loss.

Photo from vitadigest

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