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February 24, 2008

The BodyArt Cookbook

I've had this book for a while and decided to start using it for my contest prep. I am really fond of the chicken section, since I don't really like tuna mixed with anything other than a fork and I don't eat beef.

So the body art bars are a good, an acquired taste but good. Overall I highly recommend this book for contest prep. Tons of recipes in book, most protein carb balanced too which is good for BFL eating.

The last 6 weeks I've really been floundering in regards to contest prep. At this point my goal of presidential cup isn't looking good for me. I am aiming towards Charm City Classic and Yorton Cup. Tomorrow is a new day though so I have to just move on.

I bought a Polar f4. I love this gadget! It's really addicting to see how many calories you burn after each workout!!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Dawn,
    I've had that book for quite some time as well...
    Purchased her original book and then the "second" new and improved version. Guess it would help me if I actually USED them. I like the second one better...simpiler...easy to read/use.
    You name a book...I've probably got it..