December 27, 2007

Getting back to the point

Went to the gym this AM. 45 minutes combo of both treadmill and elliptical. The treadmill makes my nerve issues the most irritated but I have no other option than to ignore it. Medication isn't an option for me. I suppose at some point I won't even notice it.

I ordered Syntrax Fyre, although I know nothing is magic. I just want something to get me going again in a few days. Sully recommended it so I should receive it today. I will post my opinion on it shortly.

Received the package today. I plan to start taking them tomorrow am. I ran my numbers as I love to obsess and do... I am right on schedule for August show and hitting my all time low in November to compete in the Yorton Cup 2008. It will end a great year and then I plan to go on a vacation in January. Only positive thoughts from here out... It's tough but I work on it all day long. Keeping my eye on my goals. Not marzipan truffles.

EDIT workout
another 45 minutes tonight of cardio

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