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December 28, 2007

How much do I really have to say?

I realize when you enter the gym it's polite to say hello to the person behind the counter. So I do... When I walk in the guy practically screams at me Hi how are you today, HELLO, HELLO over and over again. It's 6 am give me an effing break! I say hello. How much am I suppose to say to him? I am there to workout not make friends. On the way out today he said, have a wonderful day. I said you too. I then heard him say loudly to the person next to him. "I guess she doesn't want to be bothered." I responded each time, friendly enough.

Do I need to make plans to watch his pets and water his plants when he is on vacation? Should I compliment his Gold's Gym attire each time I walk in? I respond to him everyday without an attitude! It's becoming harassing.

45 minutes of cardio
1 frye in the am. I felt like I wanted to run a marathon ....


  1. Dawnn, the guy sounds kinda annoying. If you are polite to him and he wants you to fall over him with affection, looks like he's just outta luck. It's a good thing our well being doesn't have to depend on what strangers think of us, huh?

  2. Thanks I know! How much do I need to say this guy.