June 1, 2007


Well it's my birthday today. Staying home and recovering so I suppose there are worse places I could be. Today's progress isn't as good as yesterday. I know I will have some good and bad days, it's just the way it is. My medication I am on is giving me major vertigo, which is wild. I would assume it shouldn't last too much longer.

Went shopping on drugstore.com today, first time, I really like this site I ordered
Alpha Lipoic Acid

Both seem to be helpful in what I am looking for now and when I start training 100% again.

This AM, I walked 45 minutes, only to be interupted but a woman, I was on the bike trail and a woman was walking the other way. i have huge noise canceling headphones on and clearly listening to my ipod. As we pass I see her lips quacking something - so I have to stop, take off my headset and listen to her gibberish. she is talking a mile a minute
about walking, weight loss and blah blah, then confidently says you should be walking faster than that. I said, well I had back surgery 10 days ago, this is called rehab, she starts quacking again, I say, "have a nice day" and continue to walk. Why she thinks I want her unsolicited advice is beyond me.

Tonight it's sushi and a snowball.

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