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June 2, 2007

11 days post

CJ woke me up this morning, she is starting to get annoyed by her pups already and they are only two weeks old. I have to keep her in the bedroom with them all day to make sure she feeds them. In a few weeks I plan to put an ad in the paper for them. I'd like to have deposits on all of them by the time they turn 6 weeks old.

8:00 AM did a 35 minute walk outside again. Unfortunately, my left foot/leg is not feeling much better at all. As long as it doesn't continue to get worse.... I am sitting up more and typing even though my left hand is asleep. I start therapy either Monday or Wednesday, depending on how I feel about driving. I believe the vertigo is fading. I certainly won't chance it though.

Today's plans are to make a food plan for next week, since standing is ok at this point I can cook one thing a day it seems. Renee/Skwigg takes photos of all her meals. I think I will start to take pictures of my food. It's pretty fun to have a history of it. I know I'm weird....

7:00 PM update: had a lot of lower back pain today, left foot still an issue with numbness around the knee and calf. I only walked once today. Tomorrow I will step it up. In-laws came by for a visit. It was nice to see other human beings for once.

P.S I am starting with Dr. Fare, next week for ART therapy. I have really high hopes.

for fun... here is a picture of my

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