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June 4, 2007

Driving and Steroids

Last day on my steroid pack and I am going to attempt driving. My main concern is me sitting up for the 7 mile duration - but you have to start somewhere. I am going for the ART therapy today. I don't know if he will be able to work on my hands yet but I still made the appointment, I figure it can't hurt to at least go speak to him. With such a positive word on this therapy, I do have high hopes. But alas I've been disappointed before.

I am a lot more mobile, able to bend at the knee more comfortably, walk a bit more comfortably etc... Since I stopped taking all pain pills, I am able to think so much more clearly. Why anyone would want to be on pain pills for recreation is beyond me!

I recently discovered this message board: Oy my achin' back!
Well it's not technically called that but it made me laugh. I went there reading stories with similar situations as me and found myself in much lower spirits. Most had failed back surgeries, continued pain and find it hard to be positive. I do wonder how overweight a lot of the people are, what exercises they do and how their mental state is. It's possible these 3 variables are not helping their situation much. I plan to check in once in a while but spending too much there wouldn't be a good idea for me mentally. It sounds like I have it pretty good after reading some of their stories. Or a higher tolerance for misery.

ART therapy was interesting. I made several appointments and hope to have some relief within the next few weeks...

IN other news... tell me this isn't berry perfection!

just updated this blog with a bunch of random posts from my old blog! dates go back to 2005.

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