April 1, 2007

Sunday April 1

I must admit the much hyped BSN whipped vanilla cream is DELICIOUS . I mean I would drink this in place of a vanilla milkshake and not cry one tear. It rules! It's pricey but worth it. I plan to switch to this brand once I use the lbs and lbs of other powder up.

AM gym
- Cardio 30 minutes on bike
- chest and biceps
M1 BSN protein shake
M2 Protein bar
M3 Protein bar
M4 Double BSN shake

honestly trying to use the protein bars up. I know they are not on plan and I have only a few more left.

I spent the day cooking, I made crab chowder (on plan) and it looks decent, I also prepared salmon, tilapia, tuna, protein pancakes, rice and cut up fruit. I am ready for the week. Dinners I am planning egg whites or protein shakes each night and it's time to start evening cardio again. 19 days until SOA and I want to be 12 lbs down. Not going to be easy but I am hoping I am have gained several lbs of water and it will go. Either way I'll be ok but I am going to bust ass to make it.

Friday night I have dinner at the inlaws "fried fish" ick. I am just going to bring my own food with me. I don't care at all if it looks weird. If I am going to have a free meal... fried fish isn't what I have in mind. I am sure it will give them something to talk about so I welcome it.

I set my alarm earlier than 5:00 AM so I will hustle in the AM and get in extra cardio. I am trying to look at this 19 day deadline as a challenge. I also practicing my transitions for the quarter turns. this is something I am going to need to practice and daily!

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