April 2, 2007

Getting Back into the swing of things...

20 minutes of cardio
Posing for 30 minutes... I am working on transitions and I have a lot of work to do so I will be doing this 4 times a week for sure. I have to get use to people looking at me so it's good to practice at the gym. I'll feel much better once I am down more weight.

M1 protein pancakes/ sugar free syrup
M2 tuna/grapefruit
M3 fish/.50 rice/.50 peas
M4 crab chowder
M5 either egg whites of protein shake

Practicing in heels scares me a bit because I don't want to go backwards in the heeling process but I will do it 20 minutes at a time to see how it effects me. Typically at night is when I know what I've done to myself. It's teh best or the worst then.

Yesterday was a good food day for me. I made it through my first Sunday without eating totally off plan.

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