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March 31, 2007


I won't make any written promises to do something... I'll just do it. So I won't tell you what I "plan to do" this week until after I've done it.

I bought this today in BSN Lean Dessert in Whipped Vanilla Cream and I can't wait to try it tomorrow! It looks so good!!! I practiced posing with Blythe today at her house for 20 minutes in my heels. First time in months and I could do it which was good. BUT I need major help in transitions and holding the pose. Man that hurts! I could barely stomach looking at myself in the mirror. Man the mind really effs with you.

New haircut today...The brunette but not so helmit looking and not as many bangs. Kinda cool... I also had her color it. I always do it myself and today was proof that I should continue. It looked exactly the same as when I buy the supplies and do it for 7 dollars. I use the same product as her since I still have my license. But it's hard to wash it out with my crickety back.

Speaking of backs... my feet are ok today. legs not that numb and I did workout and pose so I am curious to see or actually feel the results tomorrow. Hoping a good one.

I've lost sight of my goal and fighting myself daily to get back the vision I have of myself on stage. This injury has hurt me more mentally than physically. I have to engulf myself in all things I was doing before. Posting, posing, using fitday etc... take the steps to be who I want to be. Because each day I don't is a day further away.

Anyway.... until whenever... remember no more promises.

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