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December 4, 2006

Tuesday December 5, 2006

AM training cardio only
tonight is legs with Blythe
burned 516 calories

*** 6 reps 140 leg extension!

preworkout venom/BCAA
M1 protein shake/.25 grapefruit/oatmeal
M2 cottage cheese pancakes/SF syrup
M3 shrimp
M4 chicken/.50 light sauce/sprinkle low fat cheese
M5chicken/vegetables/tiny bit of spicy sauce (maybe a tsp) 3 hershey kisses

down 38 lbs!
I have to find a better way to cook chicken. I am the worst chicken cook of the century. I can cook anything but chicken. It's ridiculous! A friend of mine at work offered me a granola bar. I told her that is not on my plan she said it's 100 calories. I said very nice it's not on my plan. She is one person I shared my final goals with at work. I am keeping it quiet otherwise... anyway I said would you like to see my current food plan. So I showed her and now she sees it doesn't fit on my plan LOL. but she did make a comment that it looks like the medifast plan some girls are on at work. Of course I was annoyed. but I kept it in. I can only imagine what medifast is like. Nothing like a BB diet. Blah to medifast!


  1. 38 lbs. Girl you are awesome.
    What did you do for your morning cardio to burn 518 cals? Wow!!

    Keep it up.

  2. blah to medi/slim/optifast - yes to whole foods and muscle building nutrients!

  3. Congrats on the 38 lbs!!!! As far as chicken goes.... You can cook it in lemon juice and add in some Jamaican curry spices.

  4. 518... treadmill and eliptical. it wasn't easy