December 3, 2006

Monday December 4, 2006

5:30 AM Gym


AM cardio burned 180 calories
Wide Dip
DB Chest
Smith Chest
Fly Machine


overhead press

Not going to write down detailed workouts for a while. Just things memorable that I was able to do. It's not helping me it seems to just be an extra step.

Memorable events
Smith chest press 60 lbs. 5 reps
overhead tricep extension 35 lb. 4 reps
shoulder press 25 lb DB 3x8
Fly 60 lbs. 10 reps

pre-workout venom/nectar/BCAA
M1 protein shake/BCAA .50 grapefruit
M2 cottage cheese pancakes/SF syrup
M3 chicken/.50 low calorie sauce/sprinkle of low fat mozzarella cheese
M4 shrimp/green beans
M5 protein shake

PM cardio
burned 320 calories

I am noodle arms today! I can barely type. I love it. Glad I love what I am trying to accomplish here. I am excited when the alarm goes off at 5:00 AM. I love what is ahead of me. Every step of this is exciting. I love seeing changes in my body constantly. When summer hits I'll be so close, it's great!

Lisa left a comment about tracking workouts. I agree. it is good to look back and see how I've progressed. I'm on my current plan for the next 9 weeks or so. during that time I will continue to post memorable gym moments for the day but after when I get Sully's new plan I will log it all. I think the plan will be very strict soon. 45 weeks will be here before I know it and I must be ready.


  1. Oooh...would you mind sharing your recipe for the cc pancakes? Those sound good!

  2. Writing stuff down is a pain - and you are trying to do so much already - but it really DOES help - when you can look back and see that, like, 3 months ago you were lifting less weight - or what the setting on a machine is supposed to be - that kind of thing - but you know that already.

    It's great to see that you are loving the process today - some days you won't, but you need to remember that there are days like today when it's clear that what you're doing is so cool - and right.

  3. made it here finally. u sound so super motivated. i luv when u say ur excited getting up at 5:am. i totally no that feeling. got my new sully plan, today was my first day on it after suffering from a back injury for a couple weeks. i was PUMPED to get back in there. i'm so excited for u and even more excited to finally meet u. stay strong luv. ur a hit!