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December 6, 2006

Thursday December 7, 2006


shoulder/chest/triceps again

I can now do 35lb DB overhead tricep extension... yipee

AM -.5 lbs down a total of 38.5

M1 protein crunch bar
M2 protein shake/.50 grapefruit
M3 cottage cheese/jam
M4 tuna
M5 protein shake/sugar free pudding

total calories burned cardio 200

decent day.... I have to make sure I eat everything I am suppose to though. taking venom stunts my appetite so much.


  1. popping in to say hey and letcha no i was thinking of ya. hope u get some good rest tonite. maybe u should lay off the venom for a while?

  2. hi jilly...=) it's actually getting better. I bought lean dreams and I am going to keep trying those. I plan to take the venom for about 15 more lbs then I'll take a break

  3. Did sully tell you to take venom or did you just decide to?