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November 27, 2006

Tuesday 11/28/06

5:35 AM Gym

Wide Grip Dip 3x10x16 assisted
DB Chest Press 3x7x30
Smith Chest 2x50lbsx7 1x75lbsx2 1x12x20lbs
Fly Machine 3x10x50 lbs

Smith Machine 3x5x20lbs
DB Press 3x6x25 1x1x10

Overhead Press 3x10x30
**more with Blythe tonight but I can't remember

Cardio burned total of 500 calories today

M1 1/2 Protein Shake Sour Cherry Nectar
M2 cream of wheat/ 6 oz chicken with salsa
M3 turkey meatballs/green beans
M4 turkey meatballs/apple/ waldens farm caramel dip
M5 protein shake/ 6 chocolate chips pickle (not mixed in shake Veronica LOL)

down 35 lbs! yipee
good training and diet day. time is not on my side though it's really hard to get things done around the house when I am training twice a day. But I have to remember it's not forever. Once I am down 30 lbs I'll try to stick with once a day until Sully says or I assume 12 weeks out.

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  1. Yeah for your weight loss... you are just melting away!!!!