November 26, 2006

Monday 11/27/06 46 weeks out

5:00 AM Gym

Back/Biceps/Calves (will decide what I want to do when I get there)
Cardio 300 calorie - goal
Water 128 ounces - goal

M1 protein shake/venom
M2 6 oz chicken/salsa
M3 turkey meatballs/healthy choice sauce/green beans
M4 5 oz chicken stir fry
M5 protein shake/6 chocolate chips ( I though about this ALL day~) I love this

* if really hungry tonight have protein shake
** Just remembered I can't do cardio again tonight. DAMN! I have stupid plans.

still down 33 lbs ( good news)

Pleased that I didn't gain over Thanksgiving. I didn't eat a lot but still it's more likely to gain. I also didn't get back on track until Saturday. Stayed on plan well today. I probably underate. Sometimes chicken makes me sick to think about... ICK only 46 more weeks of eating it at least twice a day...LOL

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