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November 26, 2006

Sunday 11/26/06

Off to the gym to do cardio this AM
burned 300 calories cardio
may go back again tonight to make up for Thursday and Friday

M1 3 eggwhites/1 whole egg 3 oz turkey/.50 grapefruit
M2 EAS Carb Solution Bar
M3 Protein Shake skipped
M4 Turkey Meatballs/ (Healthy Choice)sauce/Green Beans
M5 Protein Shake/ Cherry Tomatoes/pickle/ 6 chocolate chips blended in shake

Good day, stayed on plan and have food ready for the next several days. I'll shop again Thursday night so I have food ready for the weekend. Splitting it into two shopping days a week should work better for me. I may not even need to go, we'll see. Setting alarm for 4:50 to get to the gym earlier. Yes I am mental.


  1. Tell me you didn't blend the tomatoes and the pickles in the shake!!!!