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November 19, 2006

Monday 11/20/06 47 weeks out

5:30 AM


seated row 3x6x6 not sure what the weight is... the machine I used said 6
db bent row 3x8x25lbs
cybex lat 3x10x6
assisted pullups 7

db curl 3x7x
barbell curl 3x10x20

cybex 3x12 - didn't do today

cardio burned 500 calories

M1 protein shake 2 fish oil/1 venom/vitamins skipped
M2 protein pancakes/sugar free syrup 2 fish oil
M3 6 oz shrimp/tbsp cocktail sauce/strawberries walden farm caramel dip/2 fish oil
M4 6 oz tilapia
M5 egg whites/ff/lf cheese mixture 1/8 cup
M6 protein bar - wasn't prepared

venom is KILLING my appetite.

goal 128 ounces of water- didn't hit

back to gym for more start with running sprints, then 45 of moderate
burned 300 calories

-32lbs so far

still getting use to venom, protein bar was off plan and not expected.

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