November 20, 2006

Tuesday 11/21/06

Left journal in the car so this is from memory...

Smith warm up with bar/ Smith 50 lbs press/ 3 set of 7
DB press 3x6x 25 lbs
Fly warmup with 20/ Cybex Fly 3x10x50

Smith warm up with bar/Smith 3x7x20 (plus weight of bar)
DB Shoulder Press 3x6x25lbs

Overhead press 3x7x30 lbs

running late today... that is what happens when you have 4 dogs to deal with!

Cardio 200 calories

M1 protein pancakes/ venom
M2 6 oz. turkey/light roll
M3 6oz tilapia/strawberries --- it's 1:25 and MAN I don't want to eat this!!! Wah!!!!
M4 skipped
M5 skipped- did have .50 grapefruit
* terrible to skip those meals

cardio at night burned 300 calories

Bought workout pants last night all meduims!
skipped meals and that is NOT good

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