November 19, 2006

summary of what I plan to accomplish

time is flying! I am starting this and going to see if this is useful for me for keeping records of my journey. I use fitday as well. If this becomes too time consuming I'll just post photo updates...

Goals for the next year:
  • stick to my plan as close as possible. try not to expect perfection constantly but pick myself up and continue on if I deviate from plan.
  • compete on stage CCC 2007
  • use this forum to keep a history of my year including workouts, strength gains, food diary and achievements as well as failures.
  • always push and challenge myself and never let fear get in my way.
  • to lose around 60 lbs in 47 weeks.
  • make sure all meals are planned for the weekend
  • only eat off plan when it's allowed
  • remember when I weigh myself to keep all emotion out of it, it's just a number
  • take all supplements
*all items in red are updated things throughout the day or new information I am adding later on

** all items in blue are things that are OFF-PLAN and not what was planned for the day

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