November 30, 2006

Friday December 1, 2006

No cardio today. I needed a break, slightly burnt out over this week.

Today is a day off plan (planned)

M1 .50 bagel/1 whole egg/ slice of cheese .50 donut/12 swedish fish
M2 Protein Bar (Pure Protein) - not hungry didn't eat
M3 salad with small portion of pasta salad few pieces of chocolate
M4 Protein Bar (Balance Bar) - didn't eat
M5 Dinner Out- looks like pizza, small scoop of icecream

food was boring

Goal 128 ounces of water- not even close

no venom today and the sugar load this morning is making me loopy already and it's only 9:20 AM. My mom's birthday tomorrow and we will have dinner out but I will stay on plan all day and take venom in the AM. Plus Cardio and Back training with Blythe early. Every time I eat off plan i feel like Hell. yet I still look forward to it. It's like I forget each time. Soon enough I will have no more scheduled cheats and I will miss the freedom of dinners out but know it will bring me to my ultimate goal.

Need to clean the house this weekend and maintain as I go. For the next two weeks it's hitting the gym twice daily.

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  1. Rest is important. If you can't eat when you are supposed to, make sure you take some type of supplement (i.e. BCAA) so your body doesn't start the catabolic process