October 20, 2011

Well that sucks...

By closing my old gmail account I lost a lot of photos from this blog. Plus it's too late to recover, old well nothing I can do but move forward. I have a show goal AGAIN and am dieting now for a winter vacation soon after in April will be the show. I plan to bring it this year!

Taking measurements and BF this weekend, not looking forward to that at all but it must be done.

Today I hit a PR 130 lbs Hammer Strength Incline Chest Press.


  1. I'm kicking it up at the gym starting tomorrow. I have had a lot going on this past month with my stepson. I am working towards the April show now.

  2. Sounds good Dawn, do you have an online food journal? I use my fitness pal we can share journals if you want.

  3. I don't have an online journal. I am starting a private blog that will post my weight and pictures of what I eat and workouts everyday. I will share the log in with you if you want to view it.