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September 19, 2010

Cake Balls

yeah, I ate cakeballs today...

Not the ones pictured but I made a version that looked similar for IFPA Pro Teresa Anthony.
(see image below) I'm lucky to have met her and she trains at my gym. So this is her post show treat. Image is copyright Issac Hinds.

 I ate two of them but I'm done now. Eating cakeballs will not get me to my goal. However training hard and eating clean will.

As a member of TEAM FRANCO now I am accountable for weekly updates and photos on Saturdays. I even have to report my weight so there is no cheating allowed.

Today Workout
Heavy Back Day
I did 65 lb one arm row PR
80 lb lat pulldown PR

Tomorrow Delts, an area that needs a lot of improvement.


  1. I just competed with Teresa at the's IFBB. Nice Blog BTW!

  2. awesome! just looked you up, big fan!