August 18, 2010

Officially - Off Season

After a set back this past winter, fractured foot in May and a few other obstacles I feel 2010 should not be the year for me to 'bring it' on stage. I'll use this time to improve and get to a more manageable weight so that I only need to diet for about 12 weeks for any show. Currently about 25 lbs up from being competitive. Of course an estimate but I believe a good guess.

I've shocked myself with some good gains this year. And clearly shocked others because I've been accused of juicing. HA... Funny how people allow their poor genetics, lack of willpower and other shortcomings come out in funny ways, like starting rumors about me. Men jealous of me? I laugh in your general direction.

so my journey to spring begins...

photo was only 6 months!


  1. smart idea to give your body time to heal before being on stage again!!!!!

    and lol about the rumors,some ppl just really dont *get it*!!!!

    just hang in there,spring time will be bringing good things your way!!!

  2. I just started following your blog. I had to go all the way back and read from the beginning. Your determination is amazing to say the least. You are honestly an inspiration. :) Keep up the fantastic work.

  3. Thanks rosie! are you planning on competing as well?

  4. Hi Dawn, I'm still up in the air about competing still. I feel jerky saying "I dont think I'd be able to do it" to you because you've proved that it can be done with everything you've been through but the truth is that is how I feel so lets see what happens in 20lbs!