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April 8, 2009

Morning Events

So I wake up at 3:00 and decide to lay there until around 4:03 checking the HSI before I get out of bed. Stocks are down overnight... no surpise there. I run down to take care of Pepper, fill her food bowl outside and let her run in the yard. Before I leave I try to ignore the howls coming from the front of the house (Chief) since Pepper is in heat, Chief is not happy we have them seperated. Come back in the house and put a bark collar on Chief, it has no batteries in it but he remembers it. The barking stops and he does his best to sing as quietly as possible. It's his turn for a walk, I take him out, he pees on every flower and searches for Pepper... Bring him back in, He drinks enough water to keep a camel satisfied... as he does this I pack my food. I turn around and step in his water vomit that he just launched at me.  I clean that up, put the bark collar back on him and put him in his room. He is irrational when Pepper is in heat so he needs to go to his crate.

I then head upstairs to take CJ out, I open the door it's pitch black in there since she is sleeping with Richard and I suddently realized I stepped in dog- shit. I then proceed to clean the dog-shit off my shoes as well as any vomit residue that may be left behind. I take her out... I hear Pepper barking. I yell at Pepper, I hear Chief singing, I yell at Chief. Once CJ is done I bring her in the house, feed her and head out the door. I get to the car and realize I left my Heart Rate monitor in the house. Head back into the house, grab it put it on... only to realize I left the sensor in the car! I head outside, lift my shirt in public and place the sensor on. Finally in the car, once I sit down I smell dog shit again. I stepped in it again when walking CJ. I get out of the car, clean my shoes again and get back in the car. Then I realize I can't find my headsets. I frantically search the trunk and finally find them. I hear Pepper barking... so I run back in the house grab a handfull of tomatoes and throw them at her, her favorite food.  She finally shuts up. Finally at 4:56 my peaceful morning can begin and drove to the gym.

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