December 30, 2008

Sick with a sinus head cold today. Slept about 4 hours last night on top of it due to my noes!  My performance at the gym was pretty pathetic today so I just decided to do moderate cardio for 45 minutes. I had nothing in me to do weights at all. I need to go to bed early tonight but I need to pack so it's not looking that good. Oh and I forgot to mention I dropped a 20 lbs barbell on my foot yesterday. Today it's totally black and blue.

Airlines have ridiculous regulations for the luggage at this point. 61 inches (dimensions) and your suitcase must be under 50 lbs or it's $39 a bag. UGH!! I can barely bring anything. I am actually going to have to wash clothes while on the ship to save the cost.

I just asked Sully for another new plan so I can obsess over it while on the cruise! Looking forward to it, I want to see what I will be getting into next month.

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