November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008 timeline

6:50 wake up
7:00 take dogs out
7:15 core zap
8:00 at gym
8:15 chest day
9:00 cardio, watched some random guy admire his sleeves in the mirror in between leg curls (tattoos)
10:00 shower, get ready at gym
10:45 home and prepping turkey
11:00 turkey in the oven
11:30 make stuffing
12:00 played Rock Band - sang a 4 song set
12:30 wasted time on facebook
1:00 cleaned house
2:00 made table
2:30 walked dog
3:00 ready for company, finished cleaning
3:45 company arrives - listen to Richard play Call of Duty and yell at 13 year olds
4:00 all company arrives
4:30 burn liquid in the bottom of oven and house is filled with smoke
4:35 open all windows and doors to get rid of smoke filled house
5:00 make rolls in toaster oven
5:15 husband convinced me to try oven again
5:20 oven once again smokes up
5:30 opened all windows again
5:45 served dinner buffet style
6:30 listened to several conversations at nce
6:45 served cheesecake/cranberry cookies
7:45 said goodbye

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