November 30, 2008

New plan - The Widow Maker

Tomorrow starts my new plan for the next X weeks. Here is a sample of what I will be doing.

Pull downs 3 X 10-12 hold the contracted position for 2 count and the stretch for a 3 count
D/B rows: 3 X 4-6 with a drop on the last set (drop sets do 6 reps drop the weight 30% and go to failure)
Pull down with V bar: 3 X 6
Rack Deadlift: 2 X 4-6, 1 X 30 (set pins at knees and be careful of rounding your back, we don't want another injury)
Curls: 3 X 4-6 with last set as a drop
Preacher curl 2 X 6-8 with burns on last set (burns are 1/4 reps at the mid point)
D/B bench/fly: 3 X 10-12 Negative is a fly, positive stroke a press
Upright row, medium grip: 2 X 10-12
Seated Tri Ext: 2 X 10-12
Leg ext: 1 X 50-100 (on 50-100 rep sets pick a light weight and go for 50-100 nonstop, this burns)
Seated Leg curl: 1 X 50-100
Calf press: 1 X 50-100
End with 20 min cardio

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