October 3, 2008

Loving this it was almost written just for me

Here is an excert from the post but I highly recommend you read this entire post and blog.

When you don't feel like you can go on and continue with your fitness goals...

"Messy life stuff is totally normal, not a deal-breaking calamity. I've broken bones, torn tendons, had cancer, got bronchitis, and thrown my back out. I've had surgery and spent weeks in a recliner unable to walk. My mom died. My dog died. My gym closed. My work schedule changed. There was an inner ear infection where the whole world twirled to the left if I moved my head fast. None of that has anything to do with whether or not you're fit!! You can choose to use it as a big honkin' excuse every time, or not."

written by Renee please see THIS BLOG for more about this topic and other great posts. 

I have similar issues as above yet I am not as good as she is pulling it together.

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