August 28, 2008

Starting Strength - Basic Barbell Training

After many recommendations I bought Starting Strength - Basic Barbell Training. If you click the link you will see the great reviews as well. My main concern with weight training is 100% correct form and being sure to not train my ego. I ego issues in the gym... I like that I can do as much or more than the guy next to me. I really have to get over that though with two spine surgeries under my belt and a fused neck... I need to put the ego in check. I'll edit once I read the book it's a little over 300 pages...

I contacted Sully and am ready for a new full blown plan. I won't formally announce what show I am aiming to do but I do have a goal show in mind and going to work towards it. I am going to be postive and assume I am going to make it and leave it at that. It's a little tight but I work better with a goal date in mind.

So as promised workouts and food will be posted again...

still -22 lbs.

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