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August 31, 2008

Working towards getting on stage

Ok here we go, all ready to do this! Tomorrow starts the new contest diet and plan. I am going to do this and have no more injuries!

9 months post neck fusion - symptoms I have left, left hand numbness on and off and neck pain on and off. If I am training and I feel any pain at all I stop. The vertigo I had a few weeks ago was terrible and it's no coincidence it was the same time I had severe neck pain.

14 months post op laminectomy L5/S1 - some nerve issues and back pain. I am very careful with any squats or anything in regards to bending.

Here is a snapshot of my diet for all of next week. Lot of calories but low carb. Next week even more calories and more carbs!


  1. I love the design of the presidential cup advertisement.

    Count me in on your diet plan!

  2. Thanks Alicia. This diet isn't too bad, the ones after will be torture! LOL