June 3, 2008

Year follow up to Laminectomy

It's been a year since the surgery on my lower back and 6 mths since the cervical fusion. Today I am heading into the surgeon to do a follow up. There are things I can not do  like walk up a ton of cement steps... that I know for sure. I went numb for almost 9 weeks with that mistake. I am unclear of heels at this point, not that I need to wear them for anything for competition but still I want to know. My hands are ok, left hand has numbness most of the time including palm and when I lay down is always asleep. Feet are 95% better today as well as legs and staying positive they will stay that way.

Gym has been really good, I did DB workout yesterday for pretty much the first time in a long time. Low weights but still I did it. 

Shoulders - 4 sets x alternating 6 reps heavy, 20 reps light to failure 5 lb/10 lb db. Mind you I was using 25's UGH
Tricep -  same as above
Back  - row machine 30 lbs light/40 heavy
Chest - fly - 15/30 lbs
Biceps - 20/30 - using cybex machine and this was HARD, I couldn't make all my reps

Richard bought me a workout journal and I am going to start to log my numbers again so that I can see as I progress. Something important for me at this point. I may just be doing 25 lbs again some day. No rush though.

Now after 101 times I've floundered back and forth this year I am not going to hit the stage this year. Next year will make more sense. I am healing and I need to just get my mind right. 

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