June 4, 2008

Closed gym and the ole oak tree.

Woke up and drove to the gym today ready to do lower body and SURPRISE the girl didn't show up to open it. So I had to drive all the way back home and get ready at home and drive to work shortly after. So I will have to make up the lower body workout on Thursday.

So I am debating cutting any kinds of candy or jellybeans out of my diet totally. Not even for a free treat or day... just make it totally off limits at all times. I think this is a trigger "food" for me and I may need to totally ditch any type of candy permanently. I may start this on Monday.

So we had terrible weather and a 80 foot oak tree feel again in our yard. This time it fell onto our neighbors fence and on their garage. photos to follow tomorrow.


  1. dawn, that is probably a great idea. i can eat candy nonstop if i let myself. i put on way too much softness in my offseason because of it. i should save my cheats for truly good stuff - real mashed potatoes, janet's lasagna - that still has SOME value to my body!

  2. ah good to know I am not alone! If I go cold turkey that is one thing I know I can't eat no matter what!