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May 2, 2008

Giving myself a break....

First I will start by saying I am going to compete, 100% will and want to compete. That being said, I need to give myself a bit of a break here. I had two spinal surgeries in one year, I am still healing...I mean I walked up 8 flights of stairs and went numb from the waist down again. So I am thinking,  I should settle down and stop putting so much pressure on myself with deadlines and goals. It isn't  working it's making me struggle more. I keep focusing on what I can't do and it makes me mad and I need to let it go. No I can't train like I use to or run etc... But there is a lot I can do and I need to just focus on that. Goal is CCC ( Charm City Classic) I may make it, I may not but it is what it is.

In regards to healing I have been numb 6 weeks now and it's getting better but still numb and bothersome.   I believe I have another 6 weeks of this to go? I've learned you can't predict your future only your past....

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