April 19, 2008

Two Updates in One Day!

Still numb, stomach down to my feet but it's less for sure, I can tell it's severe inflamation. I am happy that the last time this happened I wrote down the progression in my calendar and see it takes about 12 weeks to feel pretty normal. I am only on the 4th numb Saturday so I have a way to go. Have to kieep tabs on mindless eating during this time. I can go and walk slowly on the treadmill and am starting that this week daily.

I had my RMR tested and it's 1555. In layman's terms I burn that many calories laying around all day. I was told it isn't that bad considering my last year and half. I will go back and be tested again in about 8 weeks after I can start to eat healthy again... Wish I wouldn't struggle so much with this.

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