April 3, 2008


Question: What happens when you have two back surguries in one year and walk up several flights of steps the first week you are back at work?

Answer: You go numb from the waist down again and have to take steroids. How do you like them apples....

So I am looking at yet another life altering set back. But I am in much better spirits this time, I understand it and the timeline of what to expect with this. I've never been much for spiritual readings but I decided to listen to the podcast of Eckhart Tolle  on  Oprah. Just in time I say, I have a much better attitude this time around. I've accepted that this has happened, it can happen again and I am not going to get mad about it. Is it uncomfortable? Beyond words... but I will deal with it and move on. Contest prep once again on HOLD. But life is not.

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