December 26, 2007

2007 Christmas

Picture 2 Crab bowl
Picture 3 Randi with Pepper
Picture 4 Dessert Tray
Picture 1 Madison with Pepper

Had my friend and her family over this year since I am still not driving more than a few miles at a time. I made artichoke dip, sausage balls, crab bowls, Caesar salad, and a variety of desserts. I was disappointed in the crab. I bought moderate quality crab and it destroyed the main dish! It looked pretty but tasted terrible.

My dog Pepper had her Santa dress on. It's a difficult dress to put on her since you have to put each arm in and then Velcro the bottom. She went under the couch, banged around for a few minutes and the dress was OFF! WTH! She is like Houdini.

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