November 5, 2007


Day 4.. I won't bore you with all the assorted symptoms as I have an excel spreadsheet to track them I may eventually post. But I am noticing hands are always worse when online even compared to sleeping. But my hands still change often so it's hard to track. I haven't purchased anything while home. After many sleepless nights and much infomercial brainwashing I ordered THIS, Sheer Cover

I hope I'm not sorry. It was 29.00 for the entire kit so it didn't break the bank but still wasting money isn't an option at this point.

I spoke with my boss today who just got me approved for working from home which is FANTASTIC. I am so excited!!! I hope early December through early February then I can return to work like a normal person.

I am sweating like a bitch in this collar, this is one of the hardest parts. I am constantly adjusting it but I can't take it off. Very frustrating to say the least.

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  1. I'm glad you got approved to work from home That is a plus!! Get well soon Dawn. I'm thinking of you!!