November 12, 2007

Celebrity Bankruptcy and Turkey

Well I don't have much to say but I felt like updating anyway 11 days post surgery, am I getting "better"? It's so hard to tell I analyze every little detail all day long. I realize nerves and nerve damage take a long time to heal but it's so frustrating. I do my best to not think about it. But it's not easy.
edit * After reading this I have to realize so many people are so much worse off than me, so I need to pull it together!

One thing I can confirm when I lay down my hands are not as painful or as asleep as they were. Sitting is still my trouble spot, especially sitting here at the computer. But what else am I to do during the day? I can't clean, cook, train, work or anything else for that matter. I just lay around waiting...

Thanksgiving is coming and I miss cooking. I am still having family over but I am only going to make ( embarrassed to say) Rachel Ray's Pistachio Encrusted Turkey Breast, (see below) I won't do it alone, Richard will help but at least I feel like I am doing something. Doing nothing is just depressing.

Moving on, I have to say out of all the MTV shows out there. I hate the show CRIBS. In no way am I jealous, I wouldn't want all that, gold toilet seats, 18 cars, 35 foot ceilings. It makes me laugh. It's just not important. Health is all that is important... Don't get me wrong, financial security, being able to go on vacations is what I want from my life. But I have no interest in peeing in 24 karat gold. And don't be confused, so much of that is show. They are in debt up to their asses, but they want you to think they aren't. IE MC Hammer.

Here are more celebrities to look up to: BANKRUPT CELEBRITIES
Some people/celebrities have legitimate money issues, but when they spend their money as if they are going to be famous forever, well that is where the trouble begins.

Now for the fun part here is the Pistachio Encrusted Turkey Breast

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