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November 21, 2007

3 week post op

Look closely the internal suture is hanging out at the end... it looks like fishing line, all I need is bait, a lure and I can catch myself a flounder.

Just got back from my 3 week post op. My hands are still numb, but there are times where I notice a nice difference. The problem is I am afraid of the unknown. If I was told this is it how you feel today will be it forever I can deal with that. I fear the changes that are for the worst... But worrying and fear is a waste of time and I need to remember that.

So on to the good news. I am allowed to drive a mile to the gym and do super light weights and as much cardio as I like. This means I can now go to the grocery store with Richard and get what I want... This is great news.

While keeping a symptom journal was helpful the first 3 weeks. I think at this point it will just keep me focusing on what isn't 100%. So instead of worrying and thinking about my hands all day I am going to ignore them. Like most people, you don't think about your hands all day... so why should I. If I have a little pain I will take some advil. It's time to focus on my future and not my past.

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