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January 21, 2007


woke up with slightly numb ass, feet and legs still numb/PN. I still believe I am getting slightly better each day. small baby steps but steps in the right direction nonetheless. sitting up is much much better. can't even compare to how bad it was last week. I pushed it a bit today picked up both dogs at the same time (in proper form) I would say each weigh between 15-19 lbs. I carried them to their dog run outside and walked down 5 steps. We'll see if that bothers me at all. I have to do a little of my normal routine or I won't know what is making things worse. or what I can and can't do.

1:42 PM
fun fact of the afternoon: according to fitday I've lost 1.57lbs a week since I started with Sully June 18th. Great Stats! I do need to start losing while home though. maintaining is great considering the situation but losing is what I need to do. having a really successful food day too.

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