December 9, 2006

Sunday December 10, 2006 44 weeks out


AM Cardio - huge calorie goal today, let's see what I can accomplish.. I'll post numbers after I return well not so huge... 400 calories. if I have time and not to tired. coming off venom today, I'll go back tonight.

shopping and cooking planned... nothing exciting

M1 protein bar
M2 salad/ .75 lean cuisine barbecue chicken pizza
M3 protein bar
M4 egg whites/one whole egg/6 turkey pepperoni/8 chocolate chips

up 2.2 lbs from free day. it will be back down by Wednesday...not the greatest day. I am still taking some liberties since the end of January will bring some pretty strict times through October. I know meal 2 isn't what I should be eating. But back in October I took the entire weekend plus Friday off plan so each weekend I improve. And I am still losing consistently now.

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