January 4, 2013

Well well... I certainly shouldn't call this blog my journey to the stage if I never get back on stage should I? Or it  should have ended in 2009....

I've learned a lesson this year (2012), I could have made it last year, I look at my most recently posted pics on here and see so clearly that I was 100% on track. SO changes are in order for me, I must take fear, doubt and self sabotage out of the equation. I need to make this fun again, choose a goal show shut up, keep it private and just do it. I can't let last year happen again ever. I will do the diet and the cardio and not make it complicated because you know what, when you diet and do what you are suppose to do you lose weight and will make it.

My weight is up around 10-12 from those pictures. I feel it and see it and I'm ready to get going again. I never want to be my current weight again and I mean it. No more lying to myself, because in the end the only competition I have is me, I want to do this for me and make myself proud this year.

I am now working with Colette Nelson and I feel a good fit. No more trainer hopping or doubting anything she says, just do what she says and see results.

I expect great things this year!

Photo below is around the time I decided not to compete in 2012...

Regular updates to follow...


  1. girl!!!!
    pick a show,register and just do it!
    face your fears and dont doubt yourself
    YOU GOT THIS!!!!!
    its not an easy road,but if it were,then everyone would be doing it....
    looking forward to cheering you on this year!

  2. I'm glad you were able to find your way again! Look how far you've come. You've been an inspiration to a lot of people. Be an inspiration to yourself and achieve your goal! It's right there within your grasp. All you gotta do is take it.