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September 12, 2012

gonna post all my food today... everything!

8 weeks out
First this is how I looked last weekend, I'm under 8 weeks to my show so I really need to tighten it up! I have to make it this year so I'll fight till the end...Now on to the food

Blueberry Green Tea

Egg whites with Spinach and hot sauce. 

Pro-Tech Protein Pudding with cinnamon and a pack of Stevia

really cuts my appetite

with stevia

cucumbers and vinegar
Miracle Noodles/4 oz chicken and vegetables ( hot sauce/soy sauce)

Tilapia with vegetables and hot sauce

I was NOT in the mood to eat this 

egg whites/spinach sprinkle of turkey bacon bits and cucumbers with vinegar

Here are the miracle noodles, they are shockingly pretty good!

Miracle Noodles


  1. Still high bf! yuck. When will I see you compete Melissa? Still with OCB? are you fb friends?

  2. I am just looking athe the food pics again.....Is that ALL of your food for the day?
    You are looking great to be 8 weeks out BTW!

    1. thanks I don't feel like I look good! LOL yes I have two more meals too!

  3. Love it!! I gotta get that tea but I'm afraid to go to whole foods ;)


  4. All still looks super yum! What are these Miracle Noodles of which you speak?


    1. Ok day complete and MIracle noodle URL posted!

  5. You are gonna win win win! I just know it. And I have my menu for our reunion. I want you to sign off before I make it. It's from my Conscious Cuisine cookbook by Cary Neff.