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August 23, 2012

9 weeks or 10 weeks or BUST

The whole process of competing is pretty stressful, will I make it, can I make it, will I ever be happy?

I am full force now, doing everything I can to make it and if my trainer says no that's ok too, I want to bring my BEST package and nothing less so waiting is still an option.

I joined a 3rd gym last night specifically for cardio only, TONS of cardio equipment too, certainly not a gym where people lift but that's not what I'm there for.

Here is a new favorite of mine, Ground chicken, hot sauce and cabbage, easy and good! My friend suggested it and she was right!


  1. You are looking awesome! By any chance would you share your recipe for the above? I am dying for some new eats!

    Keep up the good work!


  2. sure it's a pound of lean ground chicken cooked with no oils, a little squash then add hot sauce when done. I then added some cabbage in the end and just steamed then mixed it in. Really easy!