July 18, 2012

Putting in the work

No more public posting of shows until pretty much show day! I see how bad that looks and I want to just keep it private. Took me a while to learn that lesson but I finally got it straight now. I do have intentions to compete this year though, and putting in the work, but I will not do it unless I look 100% ready no question about it. I do realize that you never think you're ready but I will rely on people I trust to tell me and give me the thumbs up.

Holding a lot of weight from the hips down at the moment but I am hear that is the last to go... Here are a few pics of me currently... I think I am about 20 lbs away from stage weight.


  1. thanks Sherry! I am fitting into size 4's now! from a size 18!! HOLY HELL!!